Confidential, non-judgemental and empathetic counselling therapy for youths and young adults.

Every person is unique. Yvette works with families and clients to identify and develop specific plans to meet her clients’ personal, social and emotional needs.

Yvette specialises in CBT to treat and support a range of issues, including:
> bullying
> depression
> self-harming
> chronic stress
> career planning
> anger management
> interpersonal/social skills
> generalised anxiety disorder
> teen dating and relationships
> low confidence or self-esteem
> separation or divorce in the family
> school readiness skills/school performance
> executive functioning skills (self control, memory, attention)

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“Thanks for your patience with my girl. She told me she is very happy talking to you. Thank you for the great help you’ve been to both of us.”

Maggie (mother of 7 y.o. client)

“Thank you Ms Yvette for the help and support you’ve given me! Although I still get anxious in school or stressful situations, I can remember the calming techniques you’ve taught me and be ‘tuned in’ to what I need for me to carry on the day. I will continue my positive self-talk. I will miss our sessions!”

H. (17 y.o client)