Yvette Lau (M.Coun) provides professional, non-judgemental and empathetic counselling for clients aged 5 and above. Message Yvette for more details.

Yvette specialises in CBT to treat and support a range of issues, including:
> bullying
> depression
> self-harming
> chronic stress
> career planning
> anger management
> interpersonal/social skills
> generalised anxiety disorder
> teen dating and relationships
> low confidence or self-esteem
> separation or divorce in the family
> school readiness skills/school performance
> executive functioning skills (self control, memory, attention)

Common therapeutic goals which Yvette supports her clients to achieve are:

  • increased overall resilience
  • increased confidence and self-esteem
  • increased happiness and contentment
  • healthier relationships with self and others
  • increased positive self-talk and anchor thoughts
  • enhanced knowledge of practical and positive coping strategies for self-regulation of emotions and thoughts